« Cologne 2010

Media: Film, Video, Animation

Year: 2004

Collaboration: s.b.

Commission: City of Cologne


March 2004: Cologne is bidding to become European Capital of Culture 2010. Beneath an extensive printed catalog explaining the cultural situation of cologne and presenting future ideas and visions, there is collection of 5 movies supporting the candidature.

These movies (KölnGefühl, KölnZeit, KölnBeat, KölnBasics and KölnArt) focus on the emotional access. The main idea and concept is developed by one team, nevertheless every single movie is supposed to have its own character. The images obove are stills taken from the movie KölnBasics: (Photography, Direction, Animation, Sounddesign: Pascal Glissmann)

Credits for the overall project:

Kerstin Bergmann, Pascal Glissmann, Andreas Henrich, Frank Horlitz
Direction/Photography/Sound (Set):
Rouven Blankenfeld, Frederik Walker, Andrej Prilip
Kölngefühl: Jan Höhe/Pascal Schäfer
KölnZeit/KölnBeat: Frank Horlitz/Frank Horlitz
KölnBasics: Pascal Glissmann/Pascal Glissmann
KölnArt: Mathias Neuenhofer/Mathias Neuenhofer
Titles / Track-in (Animation, Sounddesign): Pascal Glissmann
Production: Kerstin Bergmann, Evelyn Mund