« electronic parasite pattern

Media: Electronics, Graphics

Year: 2010

Collaboration: Martina Höfflin

Commission: National Foundation of Art in Public Buildings, Norway


The pattern that is produced by the “epp” as it crawls across the wall, shows the association of basic visual elements of common circuit boards. At the same time – through very simple and rather geometric, but irregular arrangement – it has natural aspects. This applies the impression of merged technology and nature to the huge organic occupant. The intrusive organism will cover some parts of the dedicated wall. Some parts of the pattern do not have any organisms but show possible ways the “epp” might take in the future. Two of the three different organisms consists of up to 2000 capacitors of different sizes arranged in a wild ensemble showing more or less the copper circuit beneath it. The third kind is growing on an organic copper circuit. The circuit boards are functional and technical as well as designed, organic and circular.
The pattern was planned and prototyped with the nice help of Sto Verotec, Lauingen, Germany. In cooperation with Tommy Hilstrom the pattern was worked into the wall structure in March 2010, and the electronic components were mounted in September 2010.

More information on electronic-life-forms.com